Our Services


Whether the tenant needs new or innovative thinking, technical expertise or problem-solving skills, he/she can access the vast knowledge-base.

Any individual, project holder, team or entrepreneur can benefit from some or all of the following services, whether hosted in CFE or seeking its advisory services: Analysis of project or company strengths and weaknesses, Assistance in defining objectives, Strategic positioning and marketing, Assistance in elaboration of key performance indicators, Assistance in setting accounting and management tools, Assistance in developing and implementing the business plan, Advice concerning developmental stages of the company, Networking with relevant authorities, professional chambers, associations and high education establishments, Matching with industrial, financial, scientific or technical partners, Assistance in corporate identity development, Assistance in choosing appropriate promotion and advertising tools, Advice in external communication, Ensuring technology transfer by linking SMEs to centers for technological resources, Supporting the integration of projects in the socio-economic environment, and Matching with international partnerships.

Training and Coaching

The experienced specialists team will be out to see the tenant once they understand his/her corporate goals and ambitions, they can help he/she confirm knowledge and skills gaps - and then go about filling them with effective, tailored training programs that lead to recognized qualifications.

All the while, the team does the best to ensure his/her training can be delivered on-site, to minimize his/her costs and down-time. Then, they can even point him/her in the direction of funding and grants to see that the training plans come to fruition. And of course we’ll support him/her every step of the way.


BAU should win a number of funded contracts to deliver projects to benefit SMEs – whereby CFE provides knowledge-based assistance for Entrepreneurs, usually via consultancy.

The work may cover almost any aspect of business improvement, via collaborative applied research or ‘knowledge exchange’, but usually some form of innovation is involved. There are a lot of different schemes, international/national/and local, available to help businesses.  Getting the hang of them all isn’t necessary – the Chamber of Commerce, Business Brokers and the local professional advisors have expertise in promoting what schemes are available and the internal team dedicated to the acquisition of these funding opportunities collaborates with entrepreneurs.

There are other funding opportunities, updated regularly, available to SMEs for accessing all of applied research and the expertise of staff and students.



CFE offers virtual incubation as short-term hot desk facilities so the potential entrepreneur can trial his idea beforehand without the usual initial capital investment required when CFE can provide him/her with all the facilities and support at hand. All he/she needs is an idea, commitment and effort - and if it does work out, he/she can move on to something bigger and more permanent.


To strengthen the local economy through the creation and support of small businesses, whilst giving local people access to a vibrant, friendly, social place to work, interact and exchange ideas with other businesses. We are looking to encourage a wide variety of businesses, driven by like-minded people, who develop and work together. This will make work more fun, and the likelihood of success, greater.

CFE will comprise of fully equipped business units (incubators), lasting competitive advantage without any capital investment. The concept of CFE will remove all problems inherent in finding, setting up and operating business office accommodation. Because of all business units are fully inclusive (business rates, service charges, utility bills, furniture, meeting room usage, PCs with software package, private multi-function printer/fax/copier/scanner, internet connection, and pre-installed telephone line) we believe the business solutions package we will offer gives tenants every chance of success and a fantastic future.


We provide tools for both founders and funders to communicate more efficiently and manage what is needed for a successful outcome.